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Old man's thoughts

Post by John » Sun Aug 01, 2021 7:17 pm

Queen Noor of Jordan had a unique insight into how politicians work, a lot of which she discusses in her book.

What stands out for me is the bit where she explains how every bit of information we receive comes to us filtered through various media … something we all know, but not something we are really aware of
She says simply …… the only way to discover the truth about what has and is happening, is to start at the end and work backwards. When all the effects and results are in place, it can be quite easy to go back and see who was lying and who was corrupt.

Imagine then that once upon a time, an old man (me) prepared a short report about how, through various devious and secret actions, oil companies in the North Sea had managed to have their contracts that ensured they were responsible for the costs of platform / field decommissioning changed so that they could sell the assets and responsibilities to other companies ……. and how these other companies had no assets to meet decommissioning costs and would when the time was right, file bankruptcy leaving the government to pick up the costs.
Imagine then ……. that a suggestion was made that the First Minister should pay attention to this before landing Scotland with a large decommissioning bill.

If then the following observations were made :

• The First Minister suddenly without explanation changes from being a fanatical supporter of Independence – to being the biggest obstacle to Independence.

• The former First Minister is suddenly accused of all kinds of nastiness towards women, which results in the biggest and expensive spectacle in modern history involving all kinds of high ranking civil servants and the First Minister herself ending in a criminal court show case where – it is shown and proven that the entire proceeding was a complete fabrication and nothing more than a deliberate attempt to imprison an innocent man.

• A former British Diplomat is sent to prison for blogging the news – a case that is the first in the entire world’s history and is so blatantly a set up, and the First Minister says nothing and allows it to happen.

• A prominent and popular Independence supporting SNP MP receives threats of violence and is removed from her position …… and the First Minister says nothing.

• A deadly pandemic hits the world and small countries prove they can control the misery by quarantining ….. but the First Minister refuses to restrict travel in and out of the country (which she can do under the centuries old quarantine acts) and just follows what the Prime Minister at Westminster does resulting in sickness and deaths in the country which are the highest in the world.

• An election comes around and the chance of a super majority is offered by the former First Minister – the chance to throw out the very British hangers, on the chance to make Independence happen – and the First Minister goes out of her way with public speaking and a tour to ensure that she is returned with just enough votes to stay in power while allowing opposition parties through the door, destroying the super majority option.
And the list goes on …..

Why for example when thousands of women have banded together to voice their objections does the First Minister stay silent and allow self ID to destroy women’s safety without once addressing the people and explaining why.

Let’s turn it on its head and work backwards …….
What kind of story would you have to put together to make it all make sense.
Not just a quick fantasy that covers most of it – but something that actually covers all the bases.

This is where my imagination runs riot.

Maybe the First Minister along with her husband, the CEO of the party (the one that is all powerful when it comes to decisions) did in fact pay attention to the report about oil platform decommissioning and did meet up with North Sea Big Oil.
Maybe it was made clear that an Independent Scotland would seek the help of the EU and enforce the Big Oil Companies original contracts seeing as how this is how the rest of the North Sea operates.
and maybe …… just maybe, somebody asks what it would take to have Independence delayed for 5 to 10 years, allowing share holders and directors to move away and secure their private investments.
Imagine then how the world would change if a deal was struck – the Leaders of the country and Big Oil had come to a deal – Independence could and would be delayed.
That would certainly provide a plausible path for why the First Minister suddenly changed direction on Independence ….. but it does not cover all strange goings on.
In a final leap, Imagine if you can the possibility that The First Minister receives a visit from a senior civil servant from Westminster who informs her that her entire meeting with Big Oil was recorded and that her selling out Scotland was stored on High definition media - sound and video.

Oh dear ……
Big Oil gets what they want and pays nothing for it …..
Westminster now owns the First Minister.

And now all the cards fall into place.

Most likely this whole story is nothing more than a figment of imagination.

What it shows, however, that without a doubt, the only way to account for all the goings on within the SNP and the Scottish government is to conclude that Westminster have something on Nicola Sturgeon, Westminster without a doubt owns the First Minister.

Something has happened without a doubt – something has changed

some more info here ................. http://bikeshite.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&p=148#p148

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