Winter Tyres

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Winter Tyres

Post by John » Sat Aug 20, 2022 5:53 pm

In the UK..... not many people have even heard of Winter tyres, never mind understand what they are.

Just to keep it simple - tyres have an operating temp, not a well known fact here in the UK but its logical if you think about it.
Take a normal cheap erasure type rubber thing and put it in the fridge (around 4 deg C) for an hour or so and compare it with one you have held under the hot water tap for 2 mins .....

Its actually quite serious, but ignored in the UK ...... In Norway for example, drive around on what we call normal tyres when its say 2 or 3 degs outside, and it's an immediate on the spot 90 day licence ban. In Germany if you have an accident and the temp is that low, and you are on normal tyres, its automatically your fault. You will get a few surprise in many EU countries when you have a prang and find out you are not insured ....

That's what winter tyres are all about, a tyre with an operating temperature range around zero degs C. It's black and round like normal tyres, but it's made of different stuff. When its freezing cold outside, they grip the road like its a summer day.

Which brings me to Motorcycles lol ........ till now I have never seen or even ever heard of a Winter Tyre for bikes.
In a lot of countries that means you are not allowed on the road from 1st Nov till march because winter tyres are compulsory.

Well ..... till now.
I have just found a tyre, made in Turkey, that is specifically a Winter Tyre and carries the official Winter Tyre Logo with is a mountain peak with a snowflake . ( M&S on a tyre only refers to the tread pattern, one that can shift gunge like mud and wet snow)

and ................ I have got my stickies on a set and will be trying them out as soon as the weather turns :stoner
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